Best Curtain Tips

Useful Tips in Curtain Fabric Selection


No person who has tried getting curtains will tell you that the entire process is just a breeze. If you hear someone that says otherwise, then most likely that person is lying and has not tried choosing curtains or curtain fabrics for that matter.


Reaching the decision that you need to change your curtains is not just all about changing the entire look of your home. You have most likely also considered that doing so entails some investment on your part yet again. When it comes to getting quality curtain fabrics as well as hiring reliable curtain makers, you will be spending a huge portion of your savings. This is the primary reason why you must set aside some time to really think about the kind of curtain that you are getting and what you want to do with it.


Curtain fabric at selection can be very tricky; however, here are some factors that may help you decide what kind of curtain fabrics you are getting.


1. Opacity and light - What is the amount of light that you want to be welcoming inside the room of your home? Do you intend that the sun will be fully waking you up every morning? Or do you intend that your room will be completely free from the rays of the sun? If you are not that big of a fan of sunlight, then it would be best that you choose curtain fabrics that are thick. In order for you to determine if you have chosen the right curtain fabric, try holding up a sample of your fabric against the sun in that particular room of yours. You may choose between a black out lining or a coating fabric.


2. What is the amount of curtain fabric that you will be needing? In order for you to determine how much curtain fabrics you need, make sure that you properly measure the dimensions of your window with the use of the meter scale. Usually, you will be needing at least 2 to 3 inches of curtain fabric below your window and 2 to 2.5 times the entire width of your window. But bear in mind that the amount of curtain fabrics that you will be needing will also depend on the kind of design and style that you have for your curtains. There are also some curtain fabrics that will shrink after you have washed them. So, make sure also to think about this. Read to gain more info about window curtains.


3. Insulation and drafts - If your window is that part of your house that is drafty, then it would be best that you choose curtain fabrics that offer insulation. For instance, you can get a coated fabric that is proven to work well in reducing drafts, click here to get started!